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Moro Aircraft Leasing was formed in December 2000 by Ward Rosadiuk and Colleen Mondor for the purposes of leasing aircraft. Rosadiuk has over 10,000 flight hours in aircraft as varied as the Cessna 207, Piper Navajo and Beech 1900. He worked for three commuter airlines in Alaska over the course of his professional pilot career and was based in areas ranging from small villages to the cities of Fairbanks and Anchorage. Colleen Mondor has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management and a Master of Arts degree in Northern Studies. Her thesis was written on the causes of pilot error accidents among Alaskan air taxis and commuters. Mondor was employed for several years as the lead dispatcher for a FAR Part 135 commuter and also worked as assistant to the Chief Pilot for a FAR Part 121 operation.

Together Ward Rosadiuk and Colleen Mondor comprise nearly fifty years of aviation experience. They have owned and operated multiple aircraft including a Socata 700C2, two BE1900s, a Mitsubuishi Marquise, an Aero Commander, a Merlin IVC-H, Air Tractor 802 and Cessna 182. Long term plans for Moro are centered around obtaining deeper business relationships with others in the aviation community and acquiring additional aircraft that will continue the company's professional success.

To find out more about their Alaskan flying experiences please see Mondor's recent narrative nonfiction title, The Map of My Dead Pilots: The Dangerous Game of Flying Alaska. For more information on the book, please visit Mondor's web site.

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